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Display the Contents of an RSS Feed on a Web Page

Put RSS Data into your Web Page Using FeedTwister

Reading RSS feeds in your feed reader is great, but what if you want to display the information in an RSS feed on a web page? There are a few good services that will do this very easily.

Let’s take a look at using one of these services. I’m going to use a service called FeedTwister to take the feed that I created in the previous post using Yahoo Pipes and display it on a page.

With FeedTwister, you can take an RSS feed and use FeedTwister to display an RSS feed on a web page using the following steps:

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Use RSS to Do More with Internet Data

Create an RSS feed

Part 2 of a Three Part Series on RSS Technology

rss-funnel During Part 1 of the VitaminCM.com series on RSS “Master Online Information Through the Magic of RSS Technology” I covered what RSS is and how it works for sites that provide an RSS feed. RSS can do a lot more than just bring your favorite blog posts to your feed reader. During Part 2, I’m going to show you how to get data out of a web site that does not provide an RSS feed. I’m also going to show you how to use combine multiple sources of data from different web sites and combine it into a single RSS feed.

Using RSS to Get Data from Pages that Don’t Provide an RSS Feed

There is a mountain of valuable data out there on the web that would be great to get  sent to your RSS reader. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the sites with the data don’t always provide RSS feeds. Well, fortunately for you, there is a way to get this data sent to you in an RSS feed.

There is a free service called Dapper, which allows you to grab data from web sites and turn it into a dynamic RSS feed. Let’s say you’re looking for a new house. Realtor.com has millions of listings all over the place. It would be great to open up your feed reader every morning and see a listing of the newly listed homes that met your requirements. Too bad this is not available.

With Dapper, you can create just such a feed in a few minutes using the following steps:

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Distribute Your Videos to Multiple Services at One Time

There is a service called TubeMogul.com that will allow you to upload and describe your video, then automatically and simultaneously post it to all of your favorite video hosting sites.

This tool will allow you to increase your audience by uploading your videos to numerous different services. Uploading to each independent site is a time consuming, manual process. There is a better way. You can do a little bit of up-front work once that will allow you to quickly and easily upload your video to 12 or more sites. You can do all of this in the same amount of time that it takes just to upload to YouTube today.

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