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52 Time Saving Windows Tips

If you want to work faster and more efficiently on your PC you really need to leverage the shortcut keys that

If you want to make Windows a super-efficient productivity machine, you really need to make use of it’s built in shortcuts. Learning just a few simple keystrokes can help you get everything done quicker and easier than you may imagine. Here is a list compilation of over 50 shortcuts, tips, commands, and more that will dramatically improve your computing experience.

The Control Key

The Control key is your most powerful ally. Ctrl + some keys will allow you to quickly perform the most important, useful operations on your computer.

CTRL + A = Select All

CTRL + B = Bold selected content

CTRL + C = Copy selected content

CTRL + V = Paste copied content

CTRL + X = Cut selected content

CTRL + P = Print

CTRL + N = Create a New File

CTRL + S = Save

CTRL + Z = Edit> Undo

CTRL + I = Italicize selected content

CTRL + E = Center selected content (only some apps)

CTRL + Q = Quit active program

CTRL + U = Underline selected content

CTRL + O = Open a file in the active application

CTRL + R = Refresh browser

CTRL + G = Group selected items into one

CTRL + T = Open a new Browser tab

CTRL + HOME = Top of a document or page

CTRL + END = Bottom of a document or page

CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE = Open Task Manager

CTRL + SHIFT + S = Save As

The Windows Key

windows keyboard key

The Windows or Start key does some very useful tricks.

+ E = Opens Windows Exporer

+ D = Minimize or Restore all open application windows

+ L = Locks your computer (Same as Ctrl + Alt + Del, then Lock button)

+ R = Open Run command

+ F = Search Files on computer

+ U = Open Utility Manager

+ F1 = Help Menu

The Alt Key

The Alt key is infrequently used, but it has a few gems up its sleeve.

ALT + TAB = Toggle between running applications

ALT + “any letter” = Show quick tasks in menus and toolbars (ALT + F opens the File Menu)

The Function Keys

F1 = Help Menu

F2 = Rename File / Folder

F4 = Repeat last formatting option in Office

F5 = Refresh Browser

F11 = Hide/Restore Browser toolbars

F12 = Print

Windows Explorer Tips

Make shortcuts to your frequently used folders and files

Place shortcuts to your frequently used folders in the Favorites folder (C> Windows>Favorites)

Quickly jump to your favorite

Drag files from Explorer to a document, email, etc.

Drag file attachments from an email or browser to a folder in Explorer

Keep two Explorer Windows open and drag and drop files between folders

Microsoft Office

F4 = Apply the last formatting command

CTRL + Z = Undo last action

CTRL + Y = Redo the action that was Undone

Right click on text to show formatting options. (Office 2007 & 2010)

Internet and Browser Shortcuts

These shortcuts will work in any browser on Windows.

Backspace = Go to the previous page

ALT + = Go to the previous page

ALT + = Go Forward a page

F5 Key = Refresh Browser

CTRL + R = Refresh Browser

CTRL + T = Open a new Browser tab

CTRL + Click a link = Open link in a new tab

SHIFT + Click a link = Open link in new Browser window

F11 = Hide/Restore Browser toolbars/menus

Right Click to copy or save an image

Scroll Wheel Click on a link to open it in another tab

Scroll Wheel Click on a tab to close the tab

Drag a tab out of the window to open that tab in its own window

Drag a tab from one browser to another to open the page in a different Browser

Right Click Options

Right Click

If you are in ANY application and are looking for a quick way to get something done, try the Right Click trick. Right clicking usually opens up a menu with several convenient options in most software. This is a lifesaver lots of times.

When in doubt, Right Click!

More Resources

Here are a few great places to find even more handy tips.

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Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

If you’re using a Mac, there is a similar collection of incredibly useful shortcuts to help you out. Try some of these.

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts

More Mac Keyboard shortcuts

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