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100th Article on VitaminCM.com

A Look at the Past, Present, and Future

I was looking at some information in my site’s dashboard the other day and noticed that I was at my 99th post. Well, that would make this my lucky 100th article. I started VitaminCM.com on May 16th, 2007 while I was away at a Training & Development convention. That makes 21 months, which equals 4.7 articles per month or 1.1 per week.

100 Articles on VitaminCM.com

My Favorite Articles

Every now and then I crank out a decent article. Here are a few that I really liked.

Easy Way to Download TV Shows from the Internet

How to Download TV Shows from the Internet (Part 2)

10 Worst TV Spin-Offs of All Time

10 Best TV Spin-Offs of All Time

Reusing an Old PC as a Server Part 1

Reusing an Old PC as a Server (Part 2)

Awesome Adobe Acrobat Alternatives that Will Make Love to your Computer

See How to Upgrade Your Career in a Recession Using Technology

How to Set Up A Testing Server on Your PC

What was I thinking?

Sometimes I think I’m onto something and well, I’m really not. Here are some of my more questionable calls.

What’s the Point to Unlocking the iPhone?

How to Survive a Zombie Attack this Halloween

Driving in a Winter Wonderland – Christmas Lights Overload

The Best Horror Punk Lyrics Ever!!!

What have I learned?

I’ve learned a lot over the last two years. First and foremost, I’m a lousy proofreader. If I ever have a budget to hire anyone, it will surely be a proofreader. I need to take my time to right a thorough article, even if it means getting it out a little slower. Probably the most important thing I learned is that I need to write something useful. People don’t have time to waste, so I need to provide useful tips, reviews, or opinions.

A couple of other things that I learned is that I have to hustle, hustle, hustle. That involves two things: reading a lot and meeting a lot of people. I’m pretty good at the reading part, but I don’t get out to events enough. Gotta work on that.

Where am I going?

I plan to do more tutorials and productivity articles. I’m also going to do product reviews of whatever gadgets come into my life (given this ginormous budget). If you have anything that you would like to read about or see how to do, please write it in the comments or email me. You can find my information on the Contact page.

So, thanks for reading and if you really like it, tell a friend.

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Boost Your Creativity and Productivity by Using a Simple Notebook

Trying to find ways to capture your creative bursts and brainstorms and use them effectively? One of the greatest tools ever invented is a humble notebook. Now I love computers, word processors, and databases, but so many of my best ideas and projects start out as scribbles on paper. In fact, most of the creative, successful people that I see use notes as part of their orgnizational and creative process.

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