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10 Best Desktop Blog Editing Applications

Many people prefer to write and publish their posts from a desktop blogging editor. There are numerous applications that provide you a powerful set of tools for writing and publishing posts directly from your desktop. There are a few significant advantages to writing your posts using a desktop blog editor

Generating Blogging Ideas and Staying Motivated

Letting your Creative Juices Flow

I was recently asked by a reader, "How I stay motivated and come up with article ideas?". Actually, that is my biggest challenge. I have to push myself pretty hard. I have a career and a family,

Writing a Blog Aritcle Using the WordPress Web Interface

Now that you have your WordPress Blog installed and configured, you are ready to start writing and publishing articles. WordPress has a web-based interface that allows you to write, edit, and publish articles to your blog.

100th Article on VitaminCM.com

A Look at the Past, Present, and Future

I was looking at some information in my site's dashboard the other day and noticed that I was at my 99th post. Well, that would make this my lucky 100th article. I started VitaminCM.com on May 16th, 2007 while I was away at a Training &

Boost Your Creativity and Productivity by Using a Simple Notebook

Trying to find ways to capture your creative bursts and brainstorms and use them effectively? One of the greatest tools ever invented is a humble notebook. Now I love computers, word processors, and databases, but so many of my best ideas and projects start out as scribbles on paper. In fact, most of the creative,