Never Forget Another Idea – Capture Everything with Evernote

Capture Anything, Anywhere, and Recall it with Ease

Overview: Learn how to take notes and sync them everywhere in this Evernonte Tutorial.

When you have to create content for a living (here and my day job), you are constantly processing information. I am constantly looking for new approaches to capture the information and ideas during the day. The best tool that I have found so far is the note taking service Evernote.

Here’s how Evernote explains their service:

Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.

  1. You capture the things you want to remember using what you already use—your Windows or Mac computer, the web, and your mobile phone.
  2. We run everything through our recognition technology, and then synchronize it across your devices. You can then organize and tag the notes, if you wish.
  3. When you want to find something, just search or filter and there it is just like you remember it.

Adding Information to your Notebook

You can install a desktop application on Windows or Mac computers and use their web interface on Linux machines. They also have a browser plug-in for Firefox and Safari that allows you to clip text and images from web pages and save them.

If you use multiple computers (work and home) with multiple operating systems, don’t worry Evernote will sync your notes to all of your devices instantly. No matter which device I’m using I can always capture any information and pull it back up. You can use a PC, Mac, and Phone (text, voice, photos).

See the Many Possibilities for Using Evernote in this Video Tutorial

Download the Capture Anything with Evernote video.

Ways I Use Evernote

  1. Capturing blog post ideas while I’m at work
  2. Saving ideas for work projects while I’m home
  3. I pull up my supply lists when I’m at Home Depot
  4. Pulling together research for new articles
  5. Remembering what to pack when I travel
  6. Taking pictures and voice recordings from my phone

Looking for a great book of Evernote Tutorials?

Try Evernote Essentials

Evernote Essentials Book

More Helpful Tips on Using Evernote


I love me some Evernote. I use it all the time to capture and organize my thoughts and ideas. If you have a lot of information to create, digest, process, and remember, you’ll LOVE using Evernote!

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