Tech Geek’s Guide to a Super Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift

How to Take Gadget Gifts and Make them Romantic

There is a common stereotype that techie types are not romantic, especially in the gift department. While this is rooted in a lot of truth, it doesn’t have to be so. Follow these simple recommendations and you are Guaranteed to Get You Some High-Tech Lovin’.

Ratings System

Good vs. Bad Partner Scale broke= You are a thoughtless cad who will be roundly criticized at your partner’s work tomorrow. couple-small = Typical lame thoughtless partner. Nobody will remember your “effort”. heart-3 = You’re a hero. You will be talked about at your partner’s work tomorrow. devil = You’ll be calling in sore sick tomorrow.

NOTE: For the sake of simplicity, I will use the term “partner” for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife, Life Partner, etc. Please substitute your title where appropriate.

Separating the Romeos from the Rejects

The little touches are what sets you apart. For starters, if their present has batteries, open it and charge them. If it uses memory, buy it and put it in the device. If the device stores personal information, load in some of their data/files. If there is a complicated set up process, do it for them. This is why their with you. You’re their personal I.T. department.
Think back to being a child and getting an awesome toy. Then, you had to wait for your parents to get around to setting it up for you. That just ruined it. Well imagine if you opened your gift, took it out and started playing with it on the spot. Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Without Further Ado, Let’s Bring on the Gifts

iPhone – Ah the Cadillac of gadget gifts. ($200) This is a slam dunk, right? Not so fast Romeo. Here’s how it breaks down:
broke Get your own iPhone and show it to your partner over pizza dinner. Don’t forget to taunt their ugly old phone.
couple-small Get a gift certificate for an iPhone and don’t include a sincere and touching personal note in the card.
heart-3 Buy them an iPhone, then, get it engraved with something sweet, funny, romantic, or sexy. Last I checked, engraving is still free.
devil Buy them an iPhone and do the following:

  1. Unwrap it and Charge it (Nobody wants to take out their new toy and wait four hours for it to charge.)
  2. Load in all of their phone numbers and addresses (You’ll have to go into stealth mode for this, but that’s what makes it so romantic.)
  3. Make the home screen a romantic picture of the two of you
  4. Have it set to play their favorite song when they turn it on

Let the geek lovin’ begin!

iPod Touch

broke Get them an off-brand “iPod killer” that they’ve never heard of, forcing them return it in a week when they realize that it sucks.
couple-small Give them an iPod still in the box and make them struggle through the setup process alone. Oooooh, sexy.
devil Unwrap it and Charge it – Load in a bunch of their favorite songs and make a playlist – Another nice idea is to make a few “themed” playlists like Work Out, Party, Sexy, you get the idea. Combine the previous step with this:

  1. Take and load pictures of you holding up hand written signs with romantic notes on them
  2. Load in a bunch of pictures of the two of you and anything else sentimental
  3. Now, here’s the clincher: Have it set to play their playlist and slide show when they turn it on

You’re not getting any sleep tonight. couple-horizontal

Nintendo Wii ($400 +/-)
broke Tell them that you can’t go out for Valentine’s Day because you’re going to a Lan Party at your friends house.
couple-small Buy them a Nintendo Wii. It’s good, but on its own, still just a video game.
heart-3 Set up the Wii by building your partner’s Mii to look just like them. Buy them a game that matches something unique about their personality. Write the connection in your card.
devil Make them play the game with you and let them win, especially if they’re the world’s worst gamer. Then tell them that they won the rights to their “itinerary” for the rest of the night.

Easy to Use Digital Camera ($150 – $300)
broke Take a picture of them on Valetine’s Day morning (preshower) and put it on their MySpace page.
heart-3 Buy them a new camera, unwrap and Charge it, Put in the Memory, Learn how to use some of the key features.
Then, keep it in your pocket so that you can take a picture of them unwrapping the empty box. Now, that magical moment is captured forever. (Use it against them the next time they say that you’re not romantic.)
devil Combine with the previous step: Take and load pictures of you holding up hand written signs with romantic notes on them.

*Nice extra touch*
Get them a Flickr or even a Flickr Pro account and set up everything on their computer so that they can instantly start loading up their pictures. ($25)

Digital Picture Frame to show off their favorite pictures ($50 – $150)
broke Give them a plain old picture frame with the picture from the store.
couple-small Buy them a digital picture frame that neither of you can figure out how to use.
heart-3 Buy them a cool picture frame, put in the Memory, Learn how to use some of the key features.
Then, keep it in your pocket so that you can take a picture of them unwrapping the empty box. Now, that magical moment is captured forever. (Use it against them the next time they say that you’re not romantic.)
devil Combine with the previous step: Take and load pictures of you holding up hand written signs with romantic notes on them

Make a Romantic Memories Calendar ($25)
broke Tell them that the time that you have spent together feels like it has aged you in dog years.
couple-small Buy them one of those calendars from the middle of the mall with something that they like (Dogs, Cats, mountains, etc.) Boring!
heart-3 Make them a calendar with pictures of yourselves, your friends, and families.
devil Make them a calendar at XXXXX using photos of things that you did together. Put the pictures on the month that they occurred. Then, write a hand written memo on days in each month with things that you did together on those days. Don’t forget to add the years in. Now, your partner will have a year’s worth of memories to revisit. Yes, this is a ton of work, but that’s the whole point. I did this for my wife for our first anniversary (paper) and she loved it.
Cost – $25.00
Time – 18 hours
Value – Priceless

Exernal USB Hard Drive $100 – $200

broke Install Linux on their machine and format their whole drive, because Linux is way better than Windows.
couple-small Buy them a backup drive and tell them that they should backup once a week. Then, don’t help them do it.
heart-3 Set up the drive on their computer. You’re not done yet. Now, set up a dead-simple backup program to protect their valuable data.
devil Pretend that you didn’t find all of their porn while you were poking around.

Tickets to an Event that THEY Would Like (The sky is the limit)
broke Tell your partner that you’re going to see your college basketball team play on Valentine’s Day. (And they like the ballet.)
couple-small Take them to dinner and a movie.
heart-3 Buy tickets to an event that they like and you typically don’t. Then, go with them. Do your homework before the event. If it’s a play, then find out what the play is about and read some reviews of the play. Then, on the way to the play talk about why you’re excited to go. It’s a great feeling when your partner gets excited about your stuff. Tell them how much you enjoyed sharing it with them.
devil Get some screen savers, ring tones, or what ever for their phone. Score some limited access perks for the event. You know, backstage passes, a meet and greet with key people, get their name put on the scoreboard – anything that gives them an “it’s all about me” moment.

What, You don’t think I have any low priced ideas on this list? Cheap Bastards need lovin’ too!

Get them their favorite books ($10 and up)
broke Tell them that, “Reading books is stupid, because they’ll just make it into a movie any way.”
couple-small Buy them a subscription to the Book of the Month club.
heart-3 Buy them a book on a topic of interest (Sports, Poetry, Theater, History, whatever). If you can find some way to get it signed, that’s a huge bonus. If not, write a personal note in the inside cover. Give them a gift certificate for one undisturbed hour a night for the next two weeks to let them read it.
devil Tell them that you are going to read the book when they’re finished and discuss it with them. Then, actually do it. Pays off now, Pays off later. That’s two for the price of one.

E-Book reader and load it with a few books. $400

Have a Romantic Movie Night

broke Make them watch your Pulp Fiction DVD after dinner on Valentine’s Day.
couple-small Get them a Netflix account.
heart-3 Buy them a few of their favorite movies, or movies that they have been dying to see.
devil Get movies that you would never go to with them and make a special date to watch them together. Don’t complain, and try to actually enjoy the show. Then, you can discuss it with them afterwards. Believe me.

Geeky T-Shirts ($15 – $25) ThinkGeek and both have a huge selection of great T-shirts for geeks and their lovers broke Use their favorite T-shirt to clean up a sloppy mess that you made. couple-small Buy them a T-shirt for their favorite band, team, school, etc. heart-3 Get them an I heart My Geek shirt and tell them that you love them for putting up with all of your techno-obsessive flights of fancy. devil Give them the shirt wrapped around you. No other clothing is required. (Probably not as sexy if you’re a dude.)

Other Gift Ideas

If you don’t like any of theses gadgets, try my Electronics Gadgets Christmas Gift Buying Guide article. There are a bunch of other cool suggestions.

For the Road Warriors

Who couldn’t use a new computer? How about an additional inexpensive one for the household? What if your gift recipient already has a computer? Then you can grab them the perfect accessory or upgrade to help them get the most out of it.

Pink Tranquility Laptop Bag Just because they’re carrying computers doesn’t mean that women want their laptop bag to look ugly. Pick up a stylish, feminine laptop bag for the lady geek.

Price: $25

Targus Netbook Case Wrap up that new netbook in style. Let a fancy new bag add some sheik to that geek.

Price: $25

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