The New World Ahead…

…Meeting the Challenge with Strategic Learning

Monica Walters (Mastercard)

Educate the entire workforce on a new company landscape due to converting Mastercard from a private to publicly held company.

Key Point:
Mastercard was going public and the entire company culture and landscape was about to change. Every employee (5,000 of them) needed to be educated on what the new company looked like, what was the new financial model, and how they each contributed to the bottom line. They had several large sessions with table coaches that did group discussions and activities based around a “Map” motif. They made maps that illustrated complext concepts like financial revenue streams and dicussed where everything came and went. Then, when quarterly financial results started to be released, groups would post the numbers on these same maps and have discussions on the performance. This helped tie the training to real world work efforts and drive home the new culture.

Speaker Comments:
Very good. She worked on the project. She had a lot of enthusiasm for the topic.

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