Training Tips from Tinseltown…

…How Hollywood Can Save the Training Industry

Speaker:  Andy Janning (FORUM Credit Union) Topic:  How to add more energy, excitement, and interest to your training by following the lessons of four “trainers” from the silver screen.

Key Point: Raise the perceived importance of training by connecting to the students. He Paralleled examples of four trainers from Hollywood Blockbusters: The Matrix, The Karate Kid, Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, and Dirty Dancing. He showed how these four trainers managed to do the following:

  • Demonstrate their mastry of the task
  • Make the student “prove” that they had mastered the task
  • Held the students accountable for mastry of the the task
  • Made completion of the tasks “mandatory”
  • Made the training about the student, not the instructor
  • Put themselves in the students “hands” not shoes
  • Cared about the students and their success
  • Took the time to help the hard-to-reach students

About the four teachers: Morepheus- Awesome, demanding, good modeling of tasks. Mr. Miagi- Patient, taught without the student knowing they were learning, Grilled a mean burger (oops, that was Arnold from Happy Days). Yoda- Met students biggest need, calmed his fears to allow concentration on learning, Talked in a unique way he did. Jonny Cbastle- Took on a tough learner, cared more about the learner’s success than his own, uttered the phrase, “Nobody puts baby in a corner” (I guess you can’t be perfect.)

Speaker Comments: Awesome, Funny, Hoaky, Cool, He gets it! Really cool and interesting approach that he developed.

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