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Ups and Downs of My First Year Blogging

calendar As 2007 is rapidly coming to a close, I decided to review this site’s stats for the year. I started this site back in May and have written 45 articles.

It has been an interesting learning process which I have really enjoyed. I look forward to an even better 2008.

I have put together some end of the year Highlights.

10 Most Popular Articles of 2007 on VitaminCM

  1. What’s the Point to Unlocking the iPhone? Why all the fuss about unlocking the iPhone? That was my initial take anyway. Comments and Feedback from the readers brought me around to the benefits.
  2. Who Else Wants the iPod Touch to Go Back to the Drawing Board? The iPod Touch is an awesome gadget, however there are a few major holes. Most notably the pitiful storage capacity. Find out the rest.
  3. How to Download TV Shows from the Internet – Part 2 Never miss any of your favorite shows again. Even if you forgot to set your Tivo! The rare sequel that out performed it’s parent. See next entry on list.
  4. The Easy Way to Download TV Shows from the Internet Never miss any of your favorite shows again. Even if you forgot to set your Tivo!
  5. See How Easily You Can Embed a Map on Your Site If you want to put directions of a map on your site, this article list your options and shows you how.
  6. Is Microsoft Office In Danger of Being Dethroned? With all the hype of Google Documents and Open Office, Microsoft still does not need to worry, yet.
  7. 28 Great Christmas Gift Ideas for the Geek in Your Life What type of gadgets should you get the Tech Geek in your life? Look no further than this handy list. My wife took heed and made her geek happy.
  8. Reader Poll – Roadside Memorials OK to Document? Is it OK to document those makeshift roadside memorials? I always find them fascinating. Well the readers said yes, so look for an article in 2008.
  9. Hottest Women in Tech Who are the hottest women in tech? Well, I have suffered through the chore of evaluating a bunch of Smart, Sexy, chicks who like the kind of stuff that I like. After that painful process, we have a winner. Click through to find out.
  10. 10 Best Off Beat Holiday Movies Ever My roundup of quirky, off beat holiday movies. I received an assist from my Daughter and Wife on this one. Well, Holidays and Family do go together, right?

My heaviest month this year was September. Mostly due to my two most popular articles: What’s the Point to Unlocking the iPhone? (actually posted late on August 31st) and Who Else Wants the iPod Touch to Go Back to the Drawing Board?.

Where did all of that traffic come from?

My main source of traffic by far was from StumbleUpon. The other major sources of traffic were Google,, and

Best and Worst of 2007

My favorite article was The Easy Way to Download TV Shows from the Internet. I like the tutorial stuff, plus this article has two other things that I like, helping simplify people’s lives, and stickin’ it to the man.

My least favorite moment of the year was trying to keep up with a reasonable posting schedule.

What did I learn from my first year of blogging?

Actually, I learned a lot of things:

  • Stick to what I know – Tutorials, Information, and Opinions (more to come in ’08)
  • Participate in the community at large – Comment on other interesting articles, reach out to other writers, respond to any feedback from my audience
  • Read as much as possible (good tip for anyone who writes anything)
  • Proof read, proof read, proof read!

See you in 2008 with new improved articles.


Chris Masiello

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