WordPress Ebook Video Tutorials

Video Support for My WordPress EBook

This collection of videos shows how to perform all of the tasks outlined in my WordPress: From Beginner to Expert ebook. You will learn everything you need to know to create a customized, professional blog using WordPress. Create your very own professional, customized blog from scratch.

How to Download the WordPress Software

This video shows all of the steps in the process of Downloading the WordPress Software.

View the rest of the videos in the series:

  • How to Download the WordPress Software
  • How to Create a MySQL Database for WordPress
  • How to Prepare the wp-config File for Your WordPress Installation
  • Use Filezilla to Load the WordPress Installation Files to your Server
  • How to Run the WordPress Installation Process
  • A Walkthrough of the WordPress Administrative Interface
  • How to Configure Your Blog’s Settings from the WordPress Dashboard
  • How to Create Static Pages in WordPress
  • How to Create Categories in WordPress
  • How to Use the WordPress Add Post Menu to Publish Articles
  • How to Use Themes to Control the Look of Your WordPress Blog
  • How to Add Widgets to Your WordPress Blog
  • How to Use Plugins to Extend the Functionality of your WordPress Blog
  • How to Update Your WordPress Installation
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