Writing a Blog Aritcle Using the WordPress Web Interface

Publishing Articles in Your WordPress Installation

Publish a WordPress Article from the Web Interface

Now that you have your WordPress Blog installed and configured, you are ready to start writing and publishing articles. WordPress has a web-based interface that allows you to write, edit, and publish articles to your blog.

I’m going to cover the steps involved in publishing your first article from your WordPress Web Interface. You will perform the following steps:

  • Log In to your WordPress site
  • Navigate to the Add New Post page
  • Enter the information for your article
  • Publish your article
  • Edit and update your article (if necessary)

Accessing the WordPress Post Interface

You need to log in to your WordPress Site Administration panel to begin writing and publishing a blog post.

Click the Log In link under the Meta heading in your site’s sidebar.

WordPress Login Link

Then, enter your Login and Password information on the Login page.

This will bring you to the WordPress Dashboard. You can access the Posts pages from there.

Click the Posts dropdown and select Add New Post from the sidebar.

This will open the Add New Posts page.

Add New Post Page in WordPress

Enter Your Article Information

You will enter all of the information and metadata for your article on the Add New Post page. Populate all of the fields with the information for your article.

You can click the Preview button to see what your post currently looks like, before you actually post it. I highly recommend doing this to make sure you get what you expect.

The video below will show you how to use the editing options and add images to your posts.

Publish Your Article

Once you are satisfied with your article, you are ready to publish it. Click the Publish button to make your new article go live. There is also a calendar button that allows you to schedule the date and time that a post will be published.

Publish WordPress Article

Edit Your Article

Sometimes after you publish an article, you need to make changes or modifications. You can open the published article and edit any information. Then, you can click the Update Post  button to make your changes go live instantly.

The following video tutorial will walk you through the entire process of publishing your first article on a WordPress blog.

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    What a great write up for any new blogger to follow. It took me almost a year before I seen I could schedule a new article for another time and date.

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