How to Learn Anyting: Fast, Fun, and Free!

Great Sites to Learn New Tricks

The world is moving and changing at a rapidly increasing pace. There are so many things that we all need to learn just to keep pace. At work, school, home… our finances, technology, health, etc. Nobody knows everything, and even if you did, there would be 10 new things to learn tomorrow.

Where do you turn to learn the things you need to know? Where else, but our good old friend, the interwebs. That’s right, the old series of tubes is good for more than just porn checking stock prices, horoscopes, and sports scores.

Just about anything that you might need to learn is out there in a smart, concise tutorial somewhere. But where?

Well that’s what we’re here for. Here are some of the blogs that I use regularly for help.

Using Software

Windows Fanatics Tips on simple handy applications for your PC

Download Squad Tips and articles on doing things with software

Web Design and Programming

Tutorial Blog Lots of tutorials on software, programming, design, etc

Tweako Tutorials on tons of technical things

A List Apart Tips on being a productive Web Designer

IT Toolbox Tips on Programming, Networking, DBA’s and more

Life Skills

Life Hacker Tips on things like Productivity, Finances, Career

Dumb Little Man Tips on life skills

Writing / Blogging

Pro Blogger Tips on becoming a better, more profitable blogger

Read Write Web Stories and tips on things related to the web and blogging

Smashing Magazine Information for webmasters and bloggers


Instructoables Well illustrated step by step tutorials on cool fun stuff

Public Speaking Blog Tips on what else, Public Speaking

Don’t forget two of the best how-to sources available:

Google – Want to know how to do a “V Lookup” in Excel. Just type “Vlookup in Excel” into google. I got 250,000 results and guess what, the very first link had a wonderful tutorial. This works for just about any question that you throw at it.

YouTube – So you say you’re not a reader. You want to see and hear someone show it to you? Just go to YouTube and type “Guitar Lessons” and you will get 86,900 video tutorials on how to play the guitar. Try your own question, I’ll bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

So take a deep breath, grab a cup of coffee and dig in. Start learning something, you’ll enjoy it!

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