The Fastest Way to Remove the Trial Crapware from a New PC

Taking Your Computer Back from “The Man”

Overview: Learn how to use PC Decrapifier to remove the trial software that came installed on your new computer.

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Hey Dell, HP, Gateway, Sony, Toshiba – Thanks for Nothin’

Getting a new computer is so exciting until you turn it on for the first time and find out that it’s loaded up with a bunch of trial software and useless junk that was placed there by the PC manufacturer. Norton Antivirus “Trial”, Microsoft Office “Trial”. How about the Dell Media Craptactular Bundle or the HP Horrible User Experience Pack or the Gateway Spam-O-Rama Experience. Nothing will kill your buzz faster than having to uninstall 20 or 30 pieces of junk that these jackwagons got paid to put on your machine. Here’s the best part, if you want a Windows disc to reinstall a clean version of the OS, they’ll charge you extra for that. (Yeah, the cost of the license is already included in your purchase price.)

You can’t make them stop putting this garbage on your machine, but I can show  you how to remove all of this crap in a just few mouse clicks and return WIndows to it’s intended condition.

What You Need to Get Started

PC Decrapifier is a free application that does exactly what the name implies. It will quickly and easily remove all of the preinstalled Crapware from your computer.

Send the Garbage to the Curb

Here are the steps that you need to perform to make your computer clean as a whistle:

1. Download PC Decrapifier ()

2. Install the Software

3. Run PC Decrapifier

PC Decrapifier Welcom Screen

4. Create a Restore Point

  • This will make a backup image of your working computer in case anything goes horribly wrong during the process. It always pays to make a backup. This takes about 10 seconds.

PC Decrapifier create restore point

5. Select the Crapware

Pcdc select items2

6. Click the Next button

  • This will take a few minutes, depending on how much junk your manufacturer infected you with.

7. Finish (Is being done actually a step?)

That’s the entire process! I just bought a new HP Laptop for my wife and had to remove a whopping 29 pieces of junk before she could use it. The entire process took nine minutes and about 10 clicks.

See How to Remove Trial Software on this Video Tutorial

The video below shows all of the steps in this tutorial

Extra Credit

If you want, you “could” stop there and begin using your shiny new computer. But that’s not what we’re about here at

When you install or uninstall software a bunch of data gets moved around in your computer’s Registry. Bearing in mind that the crapware you just uninstalled is such particularly low-grade dung; your registry could use a quick clean-up. Do yourself a favor and download an application called Ccleaner.

Ccleaner is a free application that will clean all types of junk from your computer and straighten out the glitches in your Registry in a matter of seconds. Once you install Ccleaner, run the process on the X, Y, and Z tabs. This will literally take about 60 seconds. Then, after a quick Windows Restart, you will be ready to rock and roll. You should open Ccleaner and run through those three tabs every month or so to keep things clean and smooth.

Ccleaner registry cleaner

What’s Your Cleanup Routine?

I would love to hear how you get a new computer cleaned up in the comments below.

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8 responses on “The Fastest Way to Remove the Trial Crapware from a New PC

    1. Christopher Masiello Post author

      @Daniel – not sure if this is the forum for arguing the merits of Linux vs. Windows vs. Mac ………
      However, if you do know someone who needs a Windows PC this is a quick, simple way to give them a PC without the rest of the garbage.

  1. Christopher Masiello Post author

    @Derek – As I said to @Daniel, this is just for those who buy a new PC and want to clean it up quickly.
    As far as Linux, or Unix, or Mac, or Amiga, or whatever being “superior”, well I run all three (Windows, Mac, and Linux) every day and they all kinda suck in their own ways. They all have things that are great, but too many holes. That’s why I need to bounce around so much.
    Thanks for the comment,

  2. Hammer

    My problem is how do I know what to tell Decrapifier to uninstall? Does it clearly identify a list of Trialware ? If I knew what to uninstall I could do that myself, surely! If I have to tell it what to uninstall why do I need Decrapifier. Also, if there are holes after uninstalling any programs can I not just deferag the PC, and if so why do I need CCleaner?

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